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What We Know11/2/2014
Facing the Problem of Unwanted Horses11/7/2012
Who is NickerNews?10/6/2012
Temple Grandin’s Straight Talk6/29/2012
Unwanted Horse Files7/14/2011
Ingrahams sentenced for animal cruelty6/30/2011
Looking forward to the Ingraham sentencing and beyond6/15/2011
Ingrahams convicted of animal cruelty6/13/2011
Before Horses Die5/17/2011
Durham horses rescued5/2/2011
More Horses Abandoned4/21/2011
Horse Slaughter Bill, LD 10753/24/2011
Horse Summit addresses cruelty and neglect2/25/2011
Ingraham trials bring equine cruelty to the fore1/27/2011
Charges of Equine Cruelty Detailed11/30/2010
MEWA moves forward11/2/2010
Ingraham arrested for criminal animal cruelty8/8/2010
MEWA Takes Shape7/31/2010
Waiting for Animal Cruelty Charges6/28/2010
Horses Seized from Ingrahams6/3/2010
Shocking Image Strikes at core of AWP problem5/25/2010
Shocking Image Strikes at core of AWP problem5/25/2010
In the Alley with Maine Animal Welfare Gang5/13/2010
Our Special Interest - Horse Welfare4/26/2010
Court Date for Alexis4/20/2010
MEWC Debuts4/5/2010
Animal Welfare shrugs off another neglect case3/29/2010
Maine Equine Welfare Alliance3/16/2010
DA Fowle asks for evidence at Fair Play3/11/2010
AWAC meeting addresses Foul Play at Fair Play2/27/2010
Action and Inaction at Fair Play Farm2/23/2010
Horse Welfare Survey Results2/19/2010
Abbey saved from Fair Play Farm2/16/2010
Searsport horses left to perish by state2/16/2010
Horse Abuse and State Complacency Continue2/16/2010
Letter of Complaint describes neglect at Clinton's Fair Play Farm 2/14/2010
Creepy, another horse dodges the bullet2/14/2010
Clinton Horses Still Suffering2/14/2010
Starving Horses in Desperate Need2/11/2010
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"While there are many things you can fake in life, pretending that you know horses when you don't isn't one of them" - Cooky McClung